Katya & Alexei Tylevich / Friend&Colleague.
Katya & Alexei Tylevich / Friend&Colleague.


What’s your status?

Do you speak with one of the hot accents? What are your views on cosmetic dentistry? What do you wear to the beach? Are political prisoners sexy or scary? Who/what last gave you food poisoning? What is your favorite hand gesture? What’s your sign, and according to which calendar? What dietary restrictions do you follow religiously? What else do you do religiously? Military fatigues: turn on or off? After a bad day, where do you like to seek asylum? What’s your favorite banner to bring to a protest? How long did it take you to realize your phone was tapped? Who’s the first person you call when you need to pay a ransom? Are you an early bird or on night watch? What’s the longest serious relationship you’ve had with an authority figure? How many bedrooms were in your first home? How far away are your closest neighbors? What are your most pervasive superstitions? Do you take a cholesterol-lowering drug? What songs do you know by heart? When was the last time you spoke to a hostage negotiator? What’s a nickname you’ve always hated? What about an alias? What was your favorite bedtime ideology as a kid? @OkResident


Friend&Colleague is a platform for editions, fiction, and special projects, founded by siblings Katya & Alexei Tylevich. @FriendColleague