Dimensions of Citizenship presents seven installations and five invited film and video works.

Structured around seven telescoping scales—Citizen, Civitas, Region, Nation, Globe, Network, and Cosmos—the commissioned works by artists, architects, designers, and landscape architects explore how citizenship may be defined, constructed, enacted, contested, or expressed in the built environment.

Expanding from the body and city to the network and the heavens, the seven installations by a broad range of teams raise questions around belonging and sovereignty through material and research-based practices. While the curatorial construct of the scalar structure pays homage to the Eames’ Powers of Ten, additional themes track through and across these projects. These include ecology and climate change, the agency of human and non-human actors, the past and future of monuments, and the viability of citizenship itself.

While the commissioned installations consider what it means to belong at different and specific spatial scales, the Transit Screening Lounge offers more ambiguous readings of contemporary citizenship, involving blurred boundaries, gray areas, and alternative histories. The selected works look at citizenship through a lens of movement: migration, transgression, transmission, travel, and mobility, as a way to visualize conditions that can be difficult to delineate through traditional architectural means.